About us

Our company

If you have chosen the town of Cortona and Tuscany to spend your next holiday, terretrusche offers you the possibility of taking a different and unusual vacation, away from the typical tourist areas.
Our main goals are the excellent quality and price of our services, the direct relationship we have with the country houses' and apartments' owners and our presence in this area.

Our client is our guest, we would like to invite you in Tuscany!

With this slogan we launched our "product" in 2001. Our twenty-year-experience in the accommodation and hotel field together with the needs of our large number of guests who have spent a vacation in our houses, have allowed us to make a selection of the best villas, farmhouses and apartments both in the town centre and along the hills and valleys. These are typical local country houses which have been carefully restored and are very comfortable. All of them can be classified within a medium/high level range relating to their panoramic location, peacefulness and typicality of the area.

Some are accommodation facilities that offer a wide variety of ancillary services typical of hospitality industry or agritourism activities. This is the case of "all inclusive" structures: including change of bed and bath linen, even daily, concierge service and many others on request.

Others are private homes, therefore non-professional structures, which are occasionally rented by owners without the provision of minimum essential services typical of accommodation facilities. They maintain the typical characteristics of homes in central Italy, equipped with every comfort and with the charm that characterize them.

A vacation with terretrusche is a different vacation you can spend in Tuscany

What to bring with you

When you leave you own house to come and spend a holiday in Tuscany, no matter what part of the world you come from, try to leave your country customs back home. If you succeed in adapting to our country and to your holiday country house, you will end up by discovering that you have lived completely your holiday in Tuscany and you might even decide to come back on your next vacation.

The staff

Vittorio Camorri
CEO and Founder

Lucia Tribbioli
Agency Director

Michela Cartocci
Chief Financial Officer

Roberto Baldi

Andrea Venturini
Graphic and Event Designer

Andrea Migliorati

Our head office

After leaving the first office in Alticozzi Palace, the Company headquarters since 2001, since 2011 Terretrusche is located in the larger Palazzo Vagnucci at number 42 of Via Nazionale, "Ruga Piana" for locals.

The main street is in fact the only "flat street" in Cortona whose center is a suggestive maze of alleys that, more or less steep, wind from the central Piazza della Repubblica, location of the Town Hall, and Piazza Signorelli characterized by the homonymous theater.

Located in the middle of the main street, Palazzo Vagnucci was named after the noble Cortonese family who lived there from the 16th century to the second half of the 19th century. The beautiful paintings and frescoes that adorn the vaults and walls of our office on the ground floor, date back to the 17th - 18th century. Feel free to visit us if you want to have a look at them!

Six workstations with experts and multi-lingual staff (Italian, English, German and Spanish), a front office and a meeting room are waiting for you in order to provide our best range of services.

The office is also equipped with a Trenitalia and Italo Treno ticket office.

We also provide fiscal ticketing system for exhibitions, museums and events.

If you have the chance of coming to Cortona, please do not hesitate to spend a visit to our office, we will have the pleasure of offering you a glass of excellent red wine.