Sky and lake blue as one lakescape

Those who think that Umbria is mainly green will have to change their mind. The green lung of Italy, a midland region, the “younger” sister of Tuscany, is tinged with blue. The blue of the sky and the lake mixing together, where the Trasimeno is born.

The fourth largest lake in Italy by extension, Trasimeno is one of the most evocative lakes in our country. A stretch of water where to sail peacefully or to fly over with the hang-glider.

Arriving in Umbria and meeting Lake Trasimeno is like being catapulted in an illustrated book, in which shapes and colors give birth to fairytale landscapes. The silver of the olive trees that stand out on the horizon, the sinuous green hills that magically merge with water and air, the medieval villages of pietra serena: real open-air museums.

Water and sky united in the same fate. The “green” that reflects the colors of the surrounding hills blends with the red of the sunsets and the purple of the sky. It is for this poetic and narrative ability that Lake Trasimeno has always enchanted great writers.

It looks like a lapwing egg; precious silver olive trees, delicate, cold sea, shell green.

This is how Wirgina Wolf describes Lake Trasimeno in her diary. It was 1935, winter time.

Illuminated by the evening, like flaming gold among the blue mountains … From above and beyond the expanses of olive groves, we admired the same enchanting landscape that was reflected in Raphael’s eyes as it did in those of Augustus …

Hans Christian Andersen

This show still captivates the visitor today. A unique and vast landscape that deserves to be experienced. Hence our proposal for a lake view villa for your holiday.

A selection of villas that are reflected in Trasimeno water. A window that opens onto the blue of the sky and the lake.

πŸ— Villa Bella

πŸ— Villa dei Tramonti

πŸ— La Villa sul Lago

πŸ— Villa La Colognola

πŸ— Villa Gosparini

πŸ— Villa Biancaluna

πŸ— Villa Arianna

πŸ— Villa Marghi