That's why bucolic is synonymous with glamorous

Let's take a beautiful country estate, the quiet of nature and a relaxing atmosphere. Wooden tables, small pallets, vintage-looking Chiavari chairs. Let's add a spectacular balloon garland, a party favour table and garden-style flower arrangements. You are attending a country chic baptism party!

The Location, perhaps it is obvious, is the key to success for a country chic event in Tuscany and the Décor is an essential aspect, to which it is possible to add a romantic, gypsy, or vintage touch.

Combining the rural atmosphere together with refined details is an art, far from simple, where real experts put all their knowledge and passion and the result is a true spectacle.

The balanced mix of rustic and elegant, the exaltation of the country elements that recalls the colors of the earth and nature, are able to combine every detail with style and harmony. As for the cuisine, once again the must is the quality of raw materials and the search for the most authentic flavors focused on seasonality.

Corners with vintage-looking sofas, antique accessories, lanterns or old leather suitcases, silver or porcelain candelabras. Flowers and decorations will do the rest in creating a perfect background with degradé shades of pink, green, purple, beige, white.

Hence, during a hot summer afternoon, Stella’s baptism party was celebrated, with those small but meticulous details that can turn a party into an unforgettable memory.

The photo shooting of the event is by Andrea Migliorati Photographer