border lovers: when passion meets food

valentine’s day 13-14 February 2021 covid won’t stop love

During this time, restrictions have had a strong impact on our freedom of liberty. This led us to rethink about the concept of border: no longer an insurmountable limit, but on the contrary a physical and ideal meeting space between two lands, Tuscany and Umbria, which have been courting each other for centuries. On Valentine’s Day we want to tell you the story of a love that has ancient roots and how Cortona, gently lying uphill, has always reflected itself in the mysterious and vital waters of Lake Trasimeno.

We thought of the immense enrichment that can derive from the contamination of cultures, stories, traditions between these two border places … because love and hope know no bounds, even in Covid times.

Therefore Valentine’s Day will be an opportunity to celebrate the renewed union between Umbria and Tuscany, tied by the same passion for good food made of small things, masterfully handed down by the culture of farmers and fishermen.

Vittorio Camorri-Terretrusche Events tells us

We decided to plunge into this new project on Valentine’s Day in order to go beyond the borders, and start an itinerary made of enhancement and promotion of two territories that – although geographically separated by territorial borders – have always been united in gastronomic culture.

I remember nostalgically the Piaggio Ape of the fishmonger who arrived weekly in our farmyards to bring fish from the lake and how his vehicle was immediately surrounded by farm animals, geese, chickens, guinea fowls and by the women who flocked around to buy fish. I still remember the gesture of the fishmonger who pulled out the scale with the copper plate and its weight ticking down the graduated rod, while – between one sale and another – he was telling stories of the lake and all large fish recently caught. On the background the melody of that Umbrian dialect that, although close, was so different from mine … The lake met the countryside, the carp became porchetta, the tench plunged into the tomatoes from the garden. We were anxiously expecting the big-scale sand smelt to be eaten hot and grandmothers were looking forward to teach you to eat it as a whole, including the head. “

It is thank to a long-lasting partnership and the close link with the passion for the culinary tradition of these two border lands, that the idea of “Amori di confine-border lovers” was launched, together with the Umbrian Chef Catia Ciofo who will join the Valentine’s menu. The Trasimeno fish  will meet  the Valdichiana Aglione and the farm animals waiting for the fisherman’s arrival from the nearby lake … In this menu made of the food from the heart, there will be gazes, hugs, kisses, empathy, passion, love stories.

§ Sguardi tra Testo e Rete

§ Abbracci in un Cannellone alla sua Faraona

§ Baci candidi di Tinca e Tartufo

§ Complicità tra Persico e Fagiolina in un letto d’insalata all’aglione

§ Ardente Passione di Coniglio in un pomo d’amore e la sua Rapa verde

§ Dolce Perugina da scartare nei gusti di una cittadina che ne racconta, con emozione, tutta la storia d’amore

“This is the story of a hook and a wave that among the sounds of a megaphone … tell themselves That day at home, every detail was special from the copper basin to the apron on a plate everything could have been done. The sizzle of the oil and the red muttering of the sauce. There are perfect circles in history like those that fishermen ring in flawless nets. But it is a child’s hand that tightens and intertwines, like the heart … to his grandfather’s one”

I enthusiastically embrace the philosophy of Vittorio Camorri-Terretrusche Events – continues Catia – whose events have always enhanced a territory by bringing its delicacies into the kitchens of the greatest Italian restaurants, involving the best starred chefs. The main purpose should be to include in the menus of our restaurants what “our territory” offers us, enhancing those raw materials too often forgotten because considered secondary.

We thank the Lake Trasimeno Fishermen Cooperative and its president Walter Sembolini for making available I SAPORI DEL TRASIMENO-the flavors of Trasimeno, and their fish exclusively wild-caught and not farm-raised, processed in an artisanal way using natural products only, recognizing the ethical value of the whole supply chain (from the fisherman to the filleting machine)

Through these dishes, we will tell you the love between Umbria and Tuscany and we will cast our nets towards the future, in the hope that soon we will travel again and make our border land known to the whole world.

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