Tuscany, land of weddings

Tuscan countryside is the ideal setting for a wedding, a region that offers an infinite variety of locations that suit all tastes, from romantic castles to charming medieval villages, passing through villas surrounded by greenery or luxurious hotels and restaurants in the heart of the city centers.

Tuscan lawns and gardens are the ideal place for a country wedding, where to set up an intimate reception and serve simple traditional dishes.

According to social imaginary, Tuscany is characterized by cypresses, rolling hills, sunflowers fields and vast expanses of wheat stretching to the horizon; a mild climate and good food.

Tuscany is the right place if you love country chic settings or if you are dreaming of an informal wedding in one of the typical Tuscan farmhouses, immersed in the greenery and surrounded by nature.

Getting married in Tuscany means choosing a place capable of creating an intimate and authentic atmosphere.

It means looking for a party with friends and considering it as the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

This is why Tuscany is still the most sought-after region, chosen by foreign couples who decide to get married in Italy.

The magic of weddings in Tuscany
The increasing number of villas and farmhouses spread all over, makes them the most requested location, the most authentic contact with nature rewards farmhouses followed by castles and their mysterious stories. Guest star and real surprise of 2018 is the beach, for Tuscan weddings with a touch Californian taste.

Most couples prefer spring buds and golden shades of summer wheat. Very often marriage is just the beginning of an honeymoon focused on the discovery of Tuscan villages and the beauties that our territory offers: the charm of marbles, the green of cypresses, the red of wine, the colors of Autumn vineyards.