Neologisms and new restrictions of the era COVID 19, made us think and talk about the “Cabin or Prisoner syndrome”, in other words the fear of leaving one’s refuge because considered safe, even if limited and limiting.

As Italians, we are always ready to bring out the best in every situation, so we want to think about this temporary isolation as another great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the isolated and sometimes forgotten landscapes of our territory. Tuscany, Umbria and Italy itself are full of wonderful sites, perched villages and rough paths  heading to amazing and surprising views.

In this area we can discover unspoiled sceneries, historic and cultural centres where to feel the freedom and the pleasure of spending wonderful and relazing holidays in a safe space  together with a partner, the family or close friends. We have selected for you authentic and charming farmhouses.

Olive trees brushed by the warm wind of summer, sun-kissed hills and breathtaking sunsets over the valleys, silence which is the messenger of local peasants rituals, loneliness as inner journey, the pace slows down, the heart widens: please sit down, Terretrusche brings the nature on stage.