Ich warte auf dich im Wald….

Riechst du den Duft?

Der Wald, das Unterholz, die Blätter und die feuchte Erde.

Das Rauschen der Schritten, die zwischen den toten Zweigen zögern. Ein Jubel der Fünf Sinne, wie Wächter auf Trüffeljagd

A guide dog and its owner lead the way throgh the wood’s secrets, in search of a precious good, a tiny chest of flavours. The truffle ground is one of those intimate and secret places, only for a few, charishing a treasure which is as old as it is precious.

A proper truffle hunt together with experts lasts about 4/5 hours. It is a very exclusive and unique experience demanding a proper equipment, i.e. long trousers and boots. It begins early in the morning and return is scheduled around lunch time, or in the early afternoon coming back at sunset.

An exhibition at the truffle ground, together with experts and their dogs, lasts about 1 hour and a half. It is also suitable for large groups since no special equipment is demanded.

Truffles: it doesn’t matter if black or white, as long as they are odorous.
Pellegrino Artusi

a whole year with truffles

From Autumn to Winter…
The king of the truffles, the renowned bianco pregiato (white truffle), grows in the areas around Mugello, San Miniato and San Giovanni d’Asso. The hunting period is from the 10th of September until the 31st of December. This intense and fragrant truffle is used with extreme parsimony, mostly grated on warm dishes.
From the 15th of November until the 15th of March, one can find the nero pregiato (black truffle). More delicate flavour, ideal for slow cooking, it perfectly pairs with meat courses.

From Winter to Spring…
Tartufo brumale (winter truffle), characterised by an extremely intense and strong flavour, is usually “hunted” from January until March.
From January until April it is possible to find Tartufo marzuolo (whitish truffle), which has a more delicate flavour and is ideal as base ingredient in order to combine various fragrances and aromas.

From Summer to Autumn…
On the other hand tartufo scorzone (summer truffle) abundantly grows from June until November. It is not listed among the most precious truffles, yet it perfectly pairs with Tuscan savours and can be easily found in summer.
Tartufo uncinato (Autumn truffle), which is picked from October until December, is similar to scorzone and is perfect both for slow cooking and raw condiment.

During the last three week-ends in November, a famous trade show takes place in San Miniato, between Pisa and Firenze, also know as “the city of truffles”.

Crete Senesi are an excellent truffle area in Tuscany, especially notorious for the white one. The most important town is San Giovanni d’Asso, where the white truffle festival is held during the second and third week-end in November.

Anghiari and Badia Tedalda, located in Valtiberina, are particularly proud of their truffles.

Truffle is the diamond of cuisine

Anthelme Brillant-Savarin