… blüht der Herbst

Die Hauptsache ist kein Luxus, sondern die Authentizität, die wir Ihnen leisten, durch was Sie kosten und erkennen

There comes a time when, as in a rite of passage, we all have to make farewells to Summer and welcome Autumn. It is not a clear dividing line, but a passage made up of shades in which colors and flavors of the end of Summer blend together with the first fruits of autumn.

The Winter Garden is the perfect location to recreate this atmosphere and a dinner with “old” friends welcomes Autumn and all the new projects that the new Season will bring with it …. La Sporta Restaurant was created with the aim of organizing themed evenings and small tailor-made events set in an authentic place. In the courtyard of the farmhouse, formerly the barnyard, stands our new restaurant that carries the magic: eating al fresco, enclosed by invisible glass walls becoming one with the magnificent surrounding countryside.

We have discovered places that many people have not seen, we can count on people who cook food in a genuine way, we treasure authentic recipes and we offer high quality food; so when you come to visit us, you will experience Tuscany in a way that no one else can offer

Grape, figs, plums, tasty meats and pumpkin. a menu to farewell summer and welcome mid-season.

Pumpkin with its bright color conquers the scene, the Queen of the vineyard dominates the table and finally an host, proud of his table, entertains his guests during an entire evening dedicated to friendship and conviviality.