Once upon a time in Tuscany, I arrived in a small town outside of Cortona for a week of cooking classes. It was my first real visit to this region, and it changed my life and how I live it forever.

Within 24 hours  I knew that destiny had plans for me, and that sharing Tuscany with others would be both my path and purpose.

This was days before I saw Cortona for the first time, and once I arrived there…the future of my business began to unfold.

I began living my passion, Live Tuscan, within 24 hours of arriving in Tuscany, but didn’t find my home until I arrived at Agriturismo I Pagliai, in Montalla di Cortona.

It was destiny that led me to Vittorio Camorri, who has been my business partner for 8 years, after I contacted him 8 weeks after my plans began to take shape.

My journey led me to I Pagliai, Vittorio’s magical ancestral home… a place so special and familiar to me that I can only believe that it was a return home from another time, another life for me, and not a first visit.

There are intense feelings of community in and around Cortona, and each return to I Pagliai is a return to my home, and for my guests this feeling is the same.

They speak of it and return with Live Tuscan again and again to re-live this feeling.

The authentic food with traditional cooking methods respects the past and bring it to life. It gives an importance and appreciation beyond words to humble ingredients that become art, with pride of place and past.

It is true passion on a plate.

My travels began when I was very young, and I have experienced many places.

I have grandparents from Rome and Sulmona and Italy has been my entire life, but not until I arrived in Tuscany, Cortona and especially I Pagliai did I know my roots, my past, and then the path to my future.

Live Tuscan is built on the shared magic of Tuscany, Cortona and Agriturismo I Pagliai, and the incredible vision of Vittorio Camorri, of Terretrusche.

There could not be a Live Tuscan without this place and his vision.

Becky Munson