Forest Bathing, immerse your senses in the woods

A walk in the countryside is, for many people, the best stress reliever in the world. An excellent way to strengthen our connection with the natural world and lower our stress levels, encouraging relaxation.

Walking in the forest is therapeutic.

Our ancestors were aware of this and, though it seems we forgot it, there are some people who kindly remind us. Some, occasionally nourish the deep need to get away from the city in order to immerse themselves in nature. Even just for a weekend.

A practice that has been named by Americans as Forest Bathing.

A relaxing “bath” in the forest, where your smartphones, tablets, portable devices and negative thoughts must be left home. A practice known in Japan for relaxation and positive health and wellness benefits. Later Forest Bathing has reached the US and afterwards Italy and the rest of Europe.

What we offer you is something more: ancient estates immersed in the greenery of centuries-old forests, surrounded by trees and shrubs. Each property is equipped with a wonderful swimming pool in the woods, where you can swim and feel totally connected with the nature of the place.

A swim in crystal clear, cool, silent water.

The benefits?

It is a bit like hugging trees or simply walking in the woods: a nice swim in the woods carries many benefits to the body and mind. First of all, it is an excellent stress relief practice combined with numerous physical benefits.

And how to practice it?

It is extremely simple. Just move a little from the city and spend a few days immersed in nature … A walk, the contact with nature, a dip in the clear blue, a panorama that sweeps 360 degrees can prove to be a real panacea and reliever for work and life stress of the city. Therefore it should come as no surprising that more and more people are now looking for quiet places for their holidays, being as close as possible to authentic nature.

Let us allow ourselves a holiday in the countryside!