The most difficult moments let you experience the best things: ideas, team spirit, friendship, skills and sharing… Together fear vanishes and courage arrives, together any goal is possible, together we will do it!

With these words a new project comes to life: we are glad to introduce you all the stages of the logo creation, from the sketches to the final version: “La Sporta de I Pagliai”

We gave life to a new project in order to face this season and to make our long time experience available to and for our territory.

We have decided to bring Tradition to your home or to let you experience it in a totally private way in one of our facilities. Do you have to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a reception with your relatives and friends? We can bring the party to your home. If, on the other hand, you want something exclusive and unforgettable, we will surprise you by taking you to one of our villas with swimming pool. We take care of everything, you only need to have fun being safe.

Our food concept: use of local and typical products and the best of the season, seasonal fresh vegetable, top quality raw materials and excellent meat. All treasured and delivered with a simple and genuine packaging, like the food we want to serve at your table.

Follow us in this new adventure!